About Cafe Mindanao

Our Purpose

The Center for Agriculture and Farmland Entrepreneurship (CAFE) aims to be an engine of economic growth for Central Mindanao, Philippines. The Southern Philippines has a long history of conflict, with armed groups including religious separatists, communists, clan militias and criminal groups all active in the area. As a result, there are very few reliable resources for burgeoning entrepreneurs and persistent civil unrest has created major barriers for economic growth, discouraging those who want to engage in entrepreneurship.

Our Vision

Established in 2012, our vision for rural Mindanao is one of vibrant rural communities and regions. We strive to be the value-added resource for the community of Central Mindanao that embraces entrepreneurship, finds new sources of competitive advantage in inherent assets and that invests in a more a sustainable future for both present and future generations.

Making a Difference

The CAFE is a social and business enterprise that supports and fosters new and nascent entrepreneurs through our listed services. We have trained over 200 individuals, advised 33 business plans, consulted with16 start-up businesses, and shared equity in the expansion of three local businesses.