Program Information

The CAFE is proud to feature its Agri-Entrepreneurship Training and Certificate. Institutionalized by Southern Christian College, this certificate aims to provide individuals with more opportunities for employment, income, and advancement in knowledge of business planning and entrepreneurship. The agri-entrepreneurship certificate and training program represents a collaboration of efforts from international and local academics and experts. Our staff have over three years experience facilitating, training and mentoring individuals through this program.

LocationSouthern Christian College, College Hill Center
FrequencyEvery quarter (3 months)
Duration10 days
Cost2500 Php/ person
*not including travel, food, or lodging; minimum 15 person reservation
CertificationSCC-certified Agri-Entrepreneurship Certificate

Agri-Entrepreneurship Certification Courses

  • Introduction to entrepreneurship

    Introduces the practical concepts and methods for developing a business plan- generation of business ideas, how to conduct feasibility tests, and guidelines of how to write a successful business plan.

  • Marketing

    Overview of recognized marketing and sales strategies (i.e. “Purple cow-Transform your business by being remarkable”). Participants create and develop their own marketing flyer with the CAFE to support their business plan.

  • Finance

    Overview of how to make more money by doing less- Application of tools with exercises that focus on how the business generates and spends income in order to devise strategic financial plans that are effective.

  • Business and Development

    Introduction, overview and application of a five-step business plan to organize your business idea into a profitable business!

  • New ventures

    Critical concepts and methods on business profitability, forward planning, new ventures and management.

SCC Faculty Trainers for Agri-Entrepreneurship Training

t2Ms. Flauta is at present a full time faculty of SCC under the College of Business and Accountancy /Hotel & Restaurant Management where she teaches Entrepreneurial Management and Marketing. Ms. Flauta is currently one of the lead trainers for the “Entrepreneurial Marketing” course.

t6Jovelyn L. Bantilan is currently the CAFÉ In-Charge. She has a Bachelors in Agriculture from Southern Christian College and experience in outreach programs, agricultural entrepreneurship, community organizing and working with out-of-school youth. She is currently one the lead trainers for the “New Ventures” course.

t1Engr. Sidney A. Sevilla is an Agricultural Engineer by profession, a farmer by vocation and a Pastor by calling. Engr. Sevilla presently focuses on Ecological Agriculture as a consultant. He is currently one of the lead trainers for the “Introduction to Entrepreneurship” course.

t5A Certified Public Accountant by profession, Ms. Ortez has a Masters in Business Management. Currently, she is a faculty of SCC under the College of Business and Accountancy /Hotel & Restaurant Management where she specializes in Accounting and Management. At present, Ms. Ortez is one of the lead trainers for the “Financial” course.

t4Mr. Cambel is a graduate of Bachelor of science in Agri-Business and an MMBA at Southern Christian College. He is currently a faculty of of this school under the College of Agriculture teaching Agri-Business. At present, Mr. Cambel is also a trainer for the “Entrepreneurial Marketing” Course.

t3Ms. Mission is a BSBA graduate of Southern Christian College and an MMBA. She currently teaches MMT6 and HRDM as well as Mathematics of Investments at the College ofBusiness and Accountancy /Hotel & Restaurant Management. Ms. Mission is currently one of the lead trainers for the “Entrepreneurial Marketing” course.


The following institutions contributed to the creation and development of this five course program.