One of CAFE’s activities is to incubate businesses that have started up and show potential at achieving a healthy profit margin. We strive to create and support a roadmap that will get businesses to that next level in business growth and development.

Come participate in our small-scale business incubator to start your business venture!

Coco Shell Craft

One of the CAFE’s featured businesses in 2014 was “Coco Shell Craft” from Aleosan. Noticing wasted coconut shells within his barangay and along the roads, CEO James Guiaplos took his business idea and talent into action by turning priceless coconuts into custom designed art-work, jewelry and accessories! Through the CAFE incubator and its network of established experts and resources, Coco shell artisan and business owner, Reverend Jamewell Campollo, was invited to train and support the expansion of the Coco Shell Craft business by sharing a variety of techniques of howdifferent crafts could be made using coconut shells. The Coco Shell Craft team learned how to stain, finish and engrave their accessories and crafts, and have additionally expanded their product line to include rain-makers!

*The CAFE is constantly trying to link local business owners, experts, and entrepreneurs together to support local innovation and growth! At present, our three featured businesses include Lumpia (fried spring rolls), Wonder Mushrooms (local and organically grown), and Delisal Nut (flavored roasted peanuts).